We learn something new each day.

We learn something new each day. If
we could record/store what we learn each day then we can eliminate the possibilities of mistakes in our life to great degree.
Today Amit Yadav is starting a new journey@lesson4utoday.wordpress.com
He wishes to not to repeat the same mistake twice. So, is writing down a lesson he shall be learning each day.
Hope it helps you too along the way.

Amit Yadav is an avid blogger & founder of http://www.stayfoolish.in He is a book-reviewer & soon to-be-published-author. He loves to experiment in life & experiences bliss in failures. He had failed a lot in life still his passion to get up after each failure is widely acclaimed.

He is a dreamer & his self-help guidance musings could be accessed at http://www.stayfoolish2day.wordpress.com


Failures are just the stepping stones

To enjoy the WIP of novel “She is not sister” visit: http://www.sheisnotsister.wordpress.com

To prepare for IAS current affairs visit:

To laugh with me visit: memesbyamit.wordpress.com

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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